Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Secretary's Week!

Hello!!! Wow, it's been a while since I've posted! I really needed the break and probably won't be updating as much as before...but who knows...once the garden is in and when I start feeling more creative, I probably will.

This week is Secretary's Week! All the years that I was a secretary, my boss never ever recognized it! I make sure the ladies in my hubby's office are not forgotten! These are for Phyllis and Kathy, they are so nice! With hubby in Chicago all week...Phyllis makes sure she packages up leftovers from lunch meetings for hubby. (So he won't starve...HA!) And Kathy makes sure to supply us with coupons for doggy treats for Emma and Cocoa. She always remembered Cocoa at Christmas and I know she will remember Emma this year. They, also, help out a lot in the office (of course!). So...this is what I made up for them this year...I found these cup and saucer (all one piece) planters at our local nursery, popped in a Gerbera Daisy, made a pretty monogrammed flower poke and added some pretty ribbon. I hope they like them!

The monogram letters are Stampin' Up but I cannot remember the name of the set. The ribbon is Stampin' Up too, Sky Blue and Ivory Taffeta.

I love how these daisies look!

Everything Stampin' Up except the orange ribbon (Michael's), SU red grosgrain 1/4" ribbon.

Lots of buds down inside the plant getting ready to pop up!
The weather is super wet and gloomy. The creek will probably runneth over if it continues to rain. Hopefully, the grass will green up some more from all this rain!
Have a wonderful day! Hugs!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Hey Kim! Good to "see" you! The flower gifts look wonderful and Daisies are my fave. I hope the "girls" really enjoy these. Speaking of girls. How is that baby furbaby of yours doing? Is she letting you get in some more sleep time before she wakes you?
Glad to hear you're busy working in your garden. Share pics!

belladella said...

Those are beautiful. I know they will like them very much. Isn't it wonderful to have people like that in our lives!

Hope you are doing well!

Gingerbread said...

How thought full you are, I am sure they will like them. They are really good, its a great idea. best wishes Julie.C

mysteryhistorymom said...

How lovely! You did an amazing job!:) Lori

Wendy said...

Those are so cute!! We get cheapy carnations in a glass vase, but I guess its the thought that counts lol.

Joy said...

Those little flower pokes are adorable! They really bring the whole look up a notch. :o)

p.s. You forgot to post a photo of Emma. ;o)

Anonymous said...

You are very sweet, good for Phyllis and Kathy as well.


Hi Kim !!!

I missed you and glad to hear everything is okay...just busy:)
Great idea for the "girls" and I think they will love the flowers, they are so pretty. I need to see if which store has them.
Happy Monday!!
Deb :)

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

They came out great. I may do the same for my husband's secretary. She is very nice. If I do I will post it, I haven't been doing much creating either. Thanks for sharing the idea!

Judy said...

How sweet of you to be so thoughtful. I'm sure they enjoy everything.

Rosemary said...

Very nice!!!
Hope you have a great week,

Anonymous said...

Morning Kim! How adorable!!!! Luckily my ex-bosses never forgot me on Secretary's Day!!! You are sweet to not forget hubby's helpers too! These will be pretty on their desks! Love the personalization with the monograms! Talk soon - Jeannette

Pink Slippers said...

That is so sweet!

Kim G. said...

The planters turned out too cute!

Angie said...

Hello girlie! So glad to see a post from ya..I was about to call the blog police..I have not been much better though. Just not enough time or motivation in me lately. I know you can relate! I LOVE this idea and , of course, I think daisies are the PERFECT flower! :-) You are so thoughtful to do this for them. They will just love them! I miss you lots and hope you are okay. Please let me know if ya need anything...always here for ya! Let's hang in there until the sunshine this weekend...woohoo!

Love ya! Angie

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What great gifts you made those girls.
We still don't have our garden in yet. All it is doing here is RAIN RAIN and more RAIN ! I am sick of it !

dana said...

What great gifts, Kim!!! I always made certain I honored the secretary/s at EVERY school I ever worked. (I worked in several districts/buildings over 20 years). Afterall, they keep EVERYTHING running smoothly.

Your grad. invites turned out beautifully--as did your birdie swap projects!

I'm cutting back on blogging/visiting time, too, Kim. After a year of spending so much time at the computer, I realized how much I'm not getting done around here--plus I've gain weight! :) Is that Bloggers Butt, ya think?

I'm looking forward to seeing the flamingo make his appearance once your Michigan weather settles down. We're FINALLY having a stretch of more than one day in a row of nice temps!! I think spring is really here now!

Hope you're feeling OK, Kim.

L, Dana

Michele said...

Hi Kim ~ glad everything is going good! My boss tries to remember Secretaries Day...doesn't always happen with his busy schedule! I got flowers this morning from one of the girls I support and the guys are taking me to lunch on Monday!

Take care and have a great day!