Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The First 2009 Pumpkin Update

Hello! Here we go...the first pumpkin update of the season! Saturday we decided to buy some of our vegetable plants. They sell out quickly at our favorite nurseries. Here are the pumpkin seedlings, you should see how much bigger they are already!

I bought a pretty Gerbera Daisy for me : ) Wanted the patio to have something pretty for the graduation party this weekend. It's suppose to only be 60 degrees but it is suppose to be sunny too. Maybe some people will want to be outside.

Next up we have the girls! Emma is hard to capture in photo, she really wants to see what the camera is up close and is almost always trying to get it. But, here she is sitting with the hubs...

And here's the old girl, Cocoa! She is 4 months post-op from her cancer surgery and 2 months past her given prognosis of passing on. She had other plans! I hope she sticks around for a long time but I do know that most dogs die within the year of this diagnosis (cancer of the blood vessel walls). I'm just glad she has beat the odds so far!

Tomorrow, I will be getting real busy with the graduation party prep. I hope you are all having a great week!


Merrie. said...

Hi Kim; I love the pics of the girls!!!! They are BOTH so gorgeous!!! Are you as cold as I am today!!! They really suckered us this time; I have loved the last couple of days of warmth and now this!! Cold and wet!!! YUK!!! And it is so grey today too!!! Tell the girls hello from all the bullies here and us humans too!!!-Merrie

belladella said...

Oh how fun- pumpkin watch 2009! I forgot about that from last year. The babies are adorable and I am so happy that Cocoa is coping with her cancer so well. Poor girl.

Big hugs,

mysteryhistorymom said...

Your puppies are soooooo sweet! Love those fur babies!

I also LOVE pumpkins! Last year we grew a bunch- even white ones! They made me so happy! Those darling balls of love... Lori

Wendy said...

How cute!

We've got some pumpkins sprouting out in our gargen.

Judy said...

I love watching things grow. It is so rewarding. Your babies are so sweet. What would we do without or pets?

Angie said...

We are doing pumpkins this year, too..but I haven't been able to find any plants so we are trying seeds...hopefully I don't accidently pull any thinking they are weeds...lol. (wouldn't be the first time doing that for me!) I am so happy Cocoa is still here....what a fighter...I bet she loves having Emma around keeping her young! Cuties! Good luck with the grad party..how surreal is that, huh! Kids grow too darn fast, girlie! I miss ya...!

Love ya, Angie

Anonymous said...

Just love the pictures. Good luck with the pumpkins, the daisy is a pretty shade of orange. And, the best pictures yet, Emma and Cocoa...Cocoa looks very happy, I don't beleive she's going anywhere.....Emma is just cool!

Michele said...

Your puppies are just too cute! I love the daisy...might have to pick some up this weekend. I want to try to get the garden planted...that is if it doesn't rain again!



Hi Kim,
Cocoa is smiling :) She is probably happy to have Emma around.
Take care.
Deb :)