Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time For a Spring Bag!


Well, it's official...
it has been the 2nd snowiest February
in Chicago history.
Of course it is...
because I moved here!
Sooo tired of the snow!
Now we are keeping our fingers crossed
that the snowstorm forming, for Thursday,
heads SOUTH of us!!!

Playing with Polyvore though,
has helped me think about
what to do with my wardrobe this spring.
Here is a clutch bag that I thought
would go well with some of the things I
currently own...

It's very light weight.
Made out of linen and lined with a satin material.
It's large enough to tuck in a cell phone,
a small wallet and lipstick.

I dressed it up a bit with some vintage buttons.
Very much me!
It took a little bit to do because I hid the stitches
between the layers of linen and satin.
So the inside is still pretty! : )

Here is Emma...
she's looking at me with the face that says...
"Are you done yet Mom? I wanna cuddle on the couch now, pwease."
Who can resist this face and a gloomy day?
Not me!

Have a wonderful day!!!
 I'll be cuddling on the couch with ha very content bully!



Judi said...

Hi Kim
Pretty pouch...the fabric is lovely and the buttons give a nice touch! Good job.

Now...I hope your little fur baby got some love and attention...

have a great day

Mel said...

A face only a mother could love :)

What a sweetie.

I really like the buttons added, kicks it up a whole lot.

Get your cuddles in.

Incipient Wings said...

how cute that is!!!love the way the buttons look on it.
and what an adorable baby face!!!
she is precious!
have a great day..hope the snow passes you by.

April said...

I love what you've done with your clutch, Kim! Perfect for spring! Emma has won my heart...gotta love that face!

Kimmie said...

What a sweet face!

Love the special touch of the buttons on your bag!

Trish-Ladybug said...

So Vintage looking,Clever touch
using old buttons...

Hugs Trish :-)


Awww...she sure wants some attention..just like my little Sweet Pea.
I'll send any new snow your way...

goldenbird said...

I like the way you decorated the bag, it looks so pretty. Maybe Emma would like a nice little sweater with vintage buttons to stay warm? Sorry about the snow ... you might not want to read what I just posted on my blog :o)

Crickit said...

What a cute purse to start! I love the button's on it...it looks beautiful!

Barb said...

Hi Kim,

I am on a short tax free break.
OMG, Emma is just so precious. That face makes me smile.
I really like your bag. Those buttons just add so much to it.

Back to work.

big hugs,

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I love that bag, it is so pretty. I imagine it took a long time to sew the buttons. It's the little added touches that make the bag your own! I hope the snow passes to the south.

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Really nice bag, I like the natural colour used.
Emma looks like a loving companion who could not resist. Julie.C

Linda said...

I love your clutch and the buttons are a wonderful touch....pretty ptetty. hugs, Linda

Bella Michelle said...

I think Emma thinks the bag must be for her...because she seems to have that "all about me" vibe going on! LOL Love the bag...I am getting ansy to get some spring in my wardrobe as well! Happy Weekend!!!!


HI Kim (:)
Oh love Emma and the purse~
Two homes-- oh how lucky are you~~LOL Thanks on my new table cloth ~~

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Too cute, Kim! I love love love the buttons--those embellishments really dress the piece up. :)

Mel said...

Hi Kim,

Just wondering how you are doing; haven't seen any posts from you in a while. I hope everything is ok.