Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding Day 7/24/10

Morning! Here are the long awaited wedding photos! The day started out rainy and ugly but our son the soon to be meteorologist called for sun and no rain by afternoon. He was right, about an hour before the wedding the skies cleared! It soon heated up to 90+ degrees with 90+ humidity but the day was gorgeous!

The owner of the bridal shop (Piera's Bridal Couture) came by to button her dress. Wasn't that the sweetest?

Her dress photographed so beautifully!

With our kitty, Abby.

Before the wedding in the reception hall. I had wonderful friends who decorated and kept the day rolling smoothly for us. (Please ignore my legs...I do know how to pose better than that. Lol!)

Here comes the bride.

A beautiful wedding!

My daughter came into the reception on her new husband's back. They do this all the time!

He tried to get her but she paid him back!

A view of the back of her dress. The bustle had mostly come untied by this point.

It was an amazing day! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Have a great day! Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Kim! You and Courtney look like sisters!!! You both look beautiful! I've been meaning to e-mail to see how it went; I was thinking of you when I saw the weather channel on Saturday! A beautiful setting with the lake in the background! So pretty!!! Glad all went well and you can now relax!lol Hey I thought you were wearing a different dress!!!I guess you changed your mind? Hugs - Jeannette

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Kim, she is so beautiful!
I am misty-eyed. It is such a beautiful venue, as well. I know your heart must be so full because mine is for you! Great pictures! Who caught the bouquet? 8=)
★ Linda ★

Michelle said...

Oh my, everything was absolutely happy for you & your family!!!!

Shell :)


Hi Kim,
Your daughter is a beautiful Bride! and you look beautiful too!
What a happy day for all of you and I loved seeing the photos:)
deb :)

Michelle Whitlow said...

beautiful pictures!!!

Karen said...

Such beautiful pictures! You both look so pretty!

I'm glad the day went well!

Thanks for sharing!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

For some reason my blog roll did not show your new posts! It still had an older post showing. What a beautiful bride, she looks really happy! The day did look beautiful! Your dress was very pretty. Tiger Stadium, a great place to have a Bachelorette Party! I hope you enjoyed every minute of the entire Mother of the Bride experience!

Kelli said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!


Wendy said...

What a beautiful bride! And mother of the bride!

Beth said...

What a beautiful Daughter and a beautiful Wedding! I Love Weddings,,such a happy time!