Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have been inspired by Chrissie Grace, she sent me one of her handmade bookmarks for our Fall Swap. Do you see the bookmark??? It says Simplify. I have been wanting to try these for a long time and when I received this one from Chrissie I became even more inspired.

Now, mine are not as wide and the handwriting not quite as nice as Chrissie's but what do you think? I think I'm better at sewing on cardboard than fabric...lol!

These colors are prettier in person. We are having yet another gloomy day and it's hard to get good pictures.

I have a couple Christmas ones ready to be sewn but I need thread. I think these will make nice add-ons for Christmas gifts this year.
Hope you're having an inspired day!



Hi Kim,
LOVE the photo of your and Emma!!!
Thanks for sharing it.
Your bookmarks are great. I haven't tired sewing on paper. So many fun things to try and so little time to do them.
Deb :)

Joy said...

So pretty! You are a Renaissance woman. :o)

Xazmin said...

I love 'em! I can't sew on anything...so you've impressed me!

Barb said...

Hi Kim,

Absolutely beautiful. I'm sure the recipient will be over the moon.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Very pretty. I like the sewing detail! Adds that little bit of something. I know what you mean about gloomy days, they are not very picture friendly!

Angie said...

Beautiful! I now wish I had a sewing maching. Darn it. I am seeing alot of sewing on paper and it looks so great.

Ok...you totally surprised me by posting that pic of you & Emma! It is just adorable..she is just a doll. That little overbite just makes me smile so much!

I hope your daughter is through her sickness. I have included her in my prayers and hope she is feeling much better. So much scary stuff circulating...I cringe everytime I send the kids to school.

I have missed you, my friend...

Apron Senorita said...

Hello, this is Yoli. I want to sincerely thank you for recently posting comment on my old blog, Apron of the Month Club. Your words of faith and encouragement are very special to me especially with our sudden relocation news and increased stress.

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Please know that I read each and every comment you post. They are my inspiration and confirmation of God’s love. Please add me to your list of blogs that you follow.

God Bless You!

Beth said...

OH! I LOVE these Kim! What a great idea! I Love to sew on paper too. What tension setting do you use to sew on your paper? My thread gets knotted and breaks.
Hope you have a great Week-end!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! NOW I AM INSPIRED!!!Very cute bookmarks and you are doing a great sewing job with your new machine!!! Have fun (you know what I mean!!!) Sincerely, Jeannette