Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Still Here and Organizing!

Morning!!! Today is the first morning, since Emma arrived, that I don't have brain fog! Lack of sleep is no fun at all! Luckily she is cute!

Here are a couple of photos from a Valentine package that my sweet friend Angie at Sandals and Daisies sent me! Everything is so sweet and cute! She made me this darling hanging heart, on the back it has my name.

Very cute with some vintage or vintage looking flowers attached.

She sent me some yummy chocolates and a pretty card and also a cute little love bug pin. I love it all...thank you sooo much Angie!!!! (Click to enlarge)

While Emma has been napping, I have been trying to organize some things for my stamp/craft room. I found these sock organizer containers at Target (my favorite store!). I have a feeling that IKEA would have something like this and probably cheaper but the nearest IKEA is over an hour away.

Ribbon, all organized.

Vintage ribbons and bindings, newer ribbon and some scraps. It feels so good to have these all organized.
Today, I feel like I've been really productive : ) One load of laundry done, dishes done, ribbon organized, floor on to vacuuming and dusting. Fun, fun, fun!!! I even brought some stamps downstairs to work on my birdie swap. Now that will be fun! I only hope I actually have time to start it!
Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs!!! I have missed you!


Jill said...

Oh..I am so Jealous! I love all those organized ribbons and trim!

I am chuckling to myself. I thought, "wow she had a baby and I missed the whole thing"! Then I scrolled down and got a bit more information about Emma! HA HA...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your newly organized home and your new dog! LOL!

April said...

We've missed you, too, Kim! Come organize my drawers, will you? Give Emma a belly rub just for me! ;)

belladella said...

I've been on an organizing kick too. I think it's the arrival of Spring...soon. Hope you are doing well. I think of you often!

Pink Slippers said...

Your things look great.
It feels so good to get a little organizing done. I'm happy for you.

Angie said...

You are sweet..glad you liked it. I am feeling yucko but can't sleep anymore..I think it makes me more tired..does that make sense? I love all your ribbons...I worked on organizing my craft stuff, too...I have way too much stuff but I can't help but horde I love me some ribbon...!

Gingerbread said...

What a lovely gift that is. A great collection of ribbons all in order nice and neat.Julie.C

Wendy said...

Very cute Valentine's goodies! And the organization looks great. My space could definetly use some reorganization.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh what lovely gifts from Angie! She is such a sweetie and so talented!!



Hi Kim,
Angie is a sweetie:)
You have gotten me feeling the need to organize...and I could use some HELP!!! You have seen my craft room :(
I also want to stamp..however the house hasn't been cleaned for ???and since I was sick last week,nothing got done so I'm a week behind.
Off to get something done today, besides blogging!! :)
Puppies kisses to Bella.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Send some of that energy my way would you . I am so behind in my work !

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! Yes this did work out great! Very neat and tidy and I can see small leftovers would be contained and still look good!! Enjoyed reading more about you too! I have to remember this one; may come in handy this weekend too!??? Have a great weekend!!! Jeannette