Thursday, October 23, 2008

And The Winner Is....


I know this is a little late today but I have a winner of for my contest! The ornamental fruit eggplant, also known as the Easter Egg Plant! And the winner is Lisa at Lisa's Retro Style! Congratulations Lisa!!!

Sorry for the short post but I've been gone all day and need to get some stuff done!

Have a great night! Hugs!



Lisa B. said...

WooHoo!! I hardly ever win anything!!! Thanks Kim:D

I'd like to thank our local CSA organic farmers...Rich and Pooh! lol. We've been getting all kinds of funky looking little eggplants from them for the last two summers...otherwise I would never have had a clue! Hurray for eating your vegtables!!

dana said...

Congrats to Lisa!!!

I'm glad you liked my pumpkins!!!! :) dana

Beth said...

Well darn, I missed your giveaway. But did catch up on the rest of your posts. What a wonderful time you had in Johannesburg, so pretty there. I would have been scared in the sky lift. They have one in Gatlinburg in the Smokies but I am always too chicken to ride it.
Glad you had so much fun!!!!