Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW)...the Over 40 Set!

Welcome to WIWW...The Over 40 Set!
Linking up with The Pleated Poppy.

This is my first ever WIWW!
I am excited and a little nervous.
I am not the skinny thing I use to be!
I am determined to not wear things
that remind me of what my grandma wore
as I approach the age of grandma-hood.
I have no grandchildren yet but
I am of the age that I could.
No offense to the older set that reads
my blog.

Ok here we go...

Saturday morning headed to yoga with a stop at the
vegetable stand.

Sweatshirt-The Hancock Building gift shop.
Yoga Top-Target
Yoga Pants-Target

 Saturday afternoon errands.
Note: I am a die hard Detroit Tiger fan (Love Magglio Ordonez)
I am wearing this Cubs shirt in support of my girlfriend's team.

Necklace: Lady Fanatics I Love Detroit Tigers
Cubs Shirt:  Cannot remember
Shorts: Old Navy

Doing laundry at the community laundry room (ICK!).

Readers: (The over 40's may want to know) 3 pair for $9.99 Marshall's
Shirt: Liz Claiborne from JC Penney, years ago
Shorts: JAG from Nordstroms

Keeping it real on Monday.
I have fibromyalgia and Monday's are
rough as I recover from the weekend.

Sweater:  Target
Shirt:  Target
Capris:  Old Navy

So that's how this over 40 dresses.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


pleated poppy


momstheword said...

Welcome to WIWW! It's nice to have yet another person who is over 40 (I, myself, am over 50, lol!).

I know what you mean about clothes, I don't want to dress like my elderly mom either, lol!

I like that Cubs t-shirt, you look adorable!

Debbie Kay said...

Oh Kim, you are soooooo cute!! Nuff said.

With love,


Look beyond the picket fence said...

I love your outfits, especially those yoga pants! You are right about dressing for over 40, it is not easy. I think we are setting a new trend for how to dress not like your over 40/50. But I don't want to look like a 30 year old, well maybe I do! But those days are in the rear mirror!I am going to go over and see what everyone else is wearing!